Corporate Investigation

Background Screening of Employees

For companies wishing to hire new employees or contractors,a pre-employment backgrounds creening program can minimize risk of employee theft, misappropriation, criminal activityor violence in the work place. It can also minimize negligent hiring lawsuits. Once the wrong" employee has been hired, the cost and "pain"of terminating that employee could beconsiderable. This can often be avoided by pre-employment backgrouns creening.

Leakage of business secrets

Avon Detective Provide the Leakage of business secrets .

Undercover Operations

Avon Detective professional in the Client Company at various hierarchical levels to decipherthe root cause of all anti-management activities, pilferages and thefts, leakage of Information, Sabotage, Production losses / wastages etc

Assets search

Avon Detective professionals will verify the movable and immovable assets owned by an individual or companies. Many Banks, Financial Institutions have taken advantage of this program to recover their dues.

Duplicity of Products and Prevention

Avon Detective Duplicity of products and prevention.

Infringements in Trade marks, Patents and Copy Rights

Avon Detective Provide the Patent, Trademark and Copyright Infringement.

Corporate Intelligence

Avon Detective Provide the Corporate Intelligence.

Intelligence on Business partners and Client

Avon Detective Provide the Intelligence on Business partners and Client.