Legal Support

A court case could become a nightmare, wrecking your credibility and reputation, if it goes against you. Therefore in legal support, our fundamental job function is the management, processing and presentation of necessitous case materials, documents and data that attorneys require to manage their cases effectively. Our strategy is developing evidence to substantiate material allegation and identifying and locating witnesses. Our job includes evaluating and recommending the investment of new products and services that can facilitate adequate electronic discovery as well as document/data/fact management, and trial presentation.

Law firms, Attorneys, Corporate house's, in-house counsel retain our services to gather appropriate and necessary supporting testimony through investigation, surveillance and interviews. We provide a wide range f reliable, confidential legal support services including assessment of sharp witnesses and judgment asset tracing.

Whether you need to conduct administrative or investigative interviews, or survey questionnaires, the investigative support team of AVON DETECTIVE AGENCY has an extensive experience in working under the most crucial conditions and circumstances involving class action law suits. We discuss all the issues in complete confidential manner which is also included non disclosure agreement where necessary.